EOI - Know the Facts

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So, you’ve now got a positive skills assessment outcome and successful English score. You calculate your points and you score at least the minimum eligibility points criteria. What’s next then?

You’re now ready for the next stage - the Expression of Interest or also known as EOI. Here are a few basic reminders when creating your EOI through SkillSelect:

  • Never create your EOI without having done your skills assessment and English test.

  • Make sure you provide accurate facts supported by authentic documents.

  • A score of just 65 points would unlikely get you an invite to apply for a visa these days.

  • Check the points allocation on your EOI are correct. If you get an invite to apply for a visa and the score is less than what you claimed and you cannot provide evidence, the visa application may be refused.

  • The status ‘Engaged’ is considered ‘No Partner’on SkillSelect so never make the mistake of choosing this status and adding your partner in your application - you will likely be refused!

  • In line with the COVID-19 situation, it is essential to wait for the Department to request for your medical and police clearances.

Additionally, you would need to be strategic when choosing your visa subclass and whether you will need to lodge a state/territory nomination application. This is when things can get more complicated and confusing.

EOI is the start of your Australian visa journey so it is important to make things right for this stage. Unfortunately, achieving a successful visa application for the Australian General Skilled Migration program is a lot harder than ever before. If your dream is to migrate to Australia, don’t be disheartened as moving Down Under is still possible. It only means that to get the best chance of success you will need thorough research and consideration on your application and you can only assure yourself the best probability of success if you plan and prepare properly before submitting your EOI.

Visa Consort can help

We work within the ethos of integrity, honesty and clarity so rest assured we will guide you to your best interest. We’re happy to help and assist you in as little or as much as you like us to so do get in touch if you need a hand.

You can start your journey with us by completing our free eligibility test now.