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Dreaming how to migrate to Australia? Don’t hesitate to contact Visa Consort to make your dreams come true. Don’t let you to deceive by flowery words and promising stories. Visa consort is the right for us to make it really happened.


leonardo jr Domingoleonardo

Rhea is an amazing agent. She and her team were dedicated to our case, answered all our questions, and were always prompt and diligent with their replies. They made sure to calm our anxieties when we needed them the most. They are worth every dollar of what we paid and we could not be happier. I highly recommend Rhea Tolentino as a migration agent. We are so happy and over the moon!


Kyra del Rosario

Rhea is one the best migration agent! She used to handle our case and pave the way to get our permanent residency in Australia! Highly recommended!


Ryan Acompanado

Rhea and her team are the best. If you are seriously planning to move to Australia, it is wise to seek their help. They will guide you every step of the way, making sure that your hopes and dreams will become a reality. They have a very hands-on approach which is comforting at times. A very professional team, that will solve and answer all your questions.


Dave Arciaga

I am one of the happy client of Rhea. Rhea and her team were very professional in dealing with our visa lodgement for skilled visa 489 regional sponsored. They are very knowledgeable in what they are doing. They know what documents and information that needs to be submitted. What I admire most of their service is that they do service with a heart and they are the most affordable among other agency I enquired with. Now we are enjoying our life here in Darwin and Rhea and visa consort played an important role in our Australian dream journey .


Dan C

I highly recommend Rhea and Visa Consort. They are experts at what they do. Whatever doubts, questions, or concerns you have, they can give you an honest answer based from facts and experience. This is very important when planning for a big step like migration.

What drew me to them was the sincerity I felt when we talked. It did not feel like they were just urging me to hire their services for profit. The genuineness of helping hopeful migrants is one of their key assets.

My experience with them is exceptional. I am now in Australia and they are a big part of making this happen.


Rowie Mae De Leon

Rhea has helped me throughout my migration journey to Australia. After a few failed attempts during my skills assessment, I decided to look for a migration agent to help me out. I knew she was an expert in her field the first time I spoke to her. She was able to point me to the right direction and laid out alternatives towards obtaining a positive outcome. There have been a number of curveballs and challenges along the way but she was able to provide me with the best way forward. She is definitely well-versed in her field and has very good foresight. She is very professional and easy to work with. I have highly recommended her to friends and family and still continue to recommend her to those who are also interested in migrating to Australia.



Simply amazing & changed our lives..

After 3 years of battling along with another visa company to try and get our Australian visa and hundreds of pounds later I had enough and decided to look elsewhere, I went to a expo in London and found Rhea's company called Visa Consort.
Within minutes of meeting them I knew they would be good, literally the next day I had a phone call checking in and then that was it, all systems go.
They steered us through the whole application and offered us solutions to tricky hurdles that could and would arise. It was so good having a company that was on hand to help, professional & trust worthy.
It took us only 9 months from meeting Rhea to having our permanent residence and we have been here for just under 1 year and love it.
Simply put Rhea and visa consort has changed our lives and we are extremely grateful.



Applying for a visa can be a stressful undertaking. I have dealt with a lot of migration agents prior but it was Ms Rhea and her team who was able to pull through my application with success despite the hurdles, challenges, and the fact that time was not on my side.

It is commendable that they're not just after the money, and they have treated my case with their sincere intention to help. She raised points that others have overlooked in the past. Her meticulous ways of handling my application and her keen attention to details made all the difference.

Kudos to Ms. Rhea and her team. I am now living my Australian dream!



Rhea helped me with my Australian Partner Application, which is a long, expensive and complicated visa to apply for.
Rhea was extremely helpful, professional, on time and excellent at following up. This also helped to have my visa faster.
I highly recommend Rhea and her team to anyone that wants to apply for a visa and doesn't know where to start or wants to make sure the application will be submitted the right way.

Thanks again Rhea, wish you all the best!



My boyfriend and I sought help from Rhea and her colleagues to support us with our application for Australian permanent residency. The application process is quite daunting but Rhea’s support, guidance and knowledge of the visa process were invaluable in helping us to secure residency. Rhea and her team were very thorough in their approach and communicated well with myself and Steven throughout the process. I would recommend her services to anyone considering a permanent residency application.



Rhea was very professional in her work and guided us thoroughly through the entire Visa application journey. She was prompt and always kept us updated as we progressed through the process. I strongly recommend Rhea and Visa Consort for their services.