Australia is slowly getting ready...are you?

Australia is slowly getting ready...are you? image

Alluring skilled migrants and business investments have always been the focal point of Australia’s Migration Program. However, things have been problematic since the onset of the Covid19 pandemic as the country is forced to implement restrictions to protect its people and the economy.

The good news is that Australia is slowly easing back into the direction we’re all hoping for with international borders opening in November to fully vaccinated Australians and permanent residents. More interesting for aspiring migrants is the announcement made by South Australia in late September about opening additional 70 occupations to offshore applicants. Your occupation may not be in the list, nevertheless we welcome this development. This is a perfect example of good news coming our way and this could be any time. Now the question is, would you be ready when opportunity strikes?

If you’re waiting until Australia formally opens its doors to offshore migrants before you begin your paperwork, it probably is too late. As we all know, the sooner you get in the EOI queue and with highest points possible, you increase your probability of getting an invite sooner than the rest. We also know that to get in the EOI queue, two things need to be done first – a skills assessment and an English test. Skills assessment preparation alone is tedious and takes months to finalize. It’s the make or break of your migration journey. If you wait for the all-clear signal from Australia, chances are it will be another long wait for you since those applicants who have prepared their documents sooner are way ahead of you in the queue.

With the year soon ending, we all hope for a kinder year ahead with Covid19 behind us and opportunities all our way….but if we want this, we don’t just sit and wait, we have to do something about it.

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