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Planning a new life in Australia?

The world is on lockdown but it doesn’t mean our long-term plan should be on hold. While you shut yourself from the outside world, it’s also probably the best time to jumpstart your GSM visa application. Before you get things underway, it’s important to understand the basic criteria first.


  • You need to be under 45 years of age

  • The older you get the lower points you can claim

Nominated occupation

  • You must nominate an occupation from Australia’s occupation lists (MLTSSL and STSOL)

  • If confused about which occupation to choose, go for the one where you can provide the most evidence for

Work experience

  • Both skills assessing authority and the Department of Home Affairs will only consider your occupation from 10 years back so make sure you’re claiming the appropriate years.

  • Make sure to check the occupation tasks as defined by ANZSCO and that they match to the tasks you are doing

Skills Assessment

  • Your overseas qualification and work experience need to be translated into Australian standards so you’ll need to liaise with the appropriate authority to get your skills assessed.

  • Keep in mind that this is the make or break of your Australian journey so make sure you do this right.


  • PTE and IELTS are the most popular English test

  • Always aim for a superior level so you can claim the highest points under this category

Other things to consider

  • Marital status – depending on your status, you can claim additional points

  • Australian work experience – you may get additional points if you have this

Once you’ve got your head around it then the next step is to check if you have enough points to be eligible to apply for a GSM visa.

Visa Consort can help

We work within the ethos of integrity, honesty, and clarity so rest assured we will guide you in your best interest. We’re happy to help and assist you in as little or as much as you like us to so do get in touch if you need a hand. Complete our free eligibility test now to get the visa application process underway as soon as possible.