Covid-19 and State Migration

Covid-19 and State Migration image

The most frequently asked question nowadays for aspiring migrants would likely be about how the pandemic would affect their Australian migration plans. The answer is, it’s business as usual for Australia’s State and Territory Governments. However, we see ongoing changes in priorities on the processing and nominating visas for migrants as a way of coping as the country continues to battle Covid-19.

Below is the recent update for each State/Territory.

New South Wales

  • Intends to continue processing nominations but is currently reviewing its requirements and processes to address any essential needs brought about by the virus.

  • Its 491 visa program remains to be closed.


  • Continues to process state nomination applications

Australian Capital Territory

  • A change in a process wherein an onshore applicant may request for a waiver of the ‘continuous employment’ criteria if the following apply:

  • ​​The travel ban prevented the applicant from returning to Canberra

  • Self-isolate for 14 days required

  • Due to Covid-19, the applicant has been forced to take unpaid leave, work hours reduced or lost job


  • 190 visa program is closed

  • 491 visa program only open to onshore applicants

Western Australia

  • Continuous to process nomination applications

Northern Territory

  • Ceased accepting offshore nomination applications


  • Offshore applicants can only apply for ‘High Demand’ occupations listed on the

Tasmania Skilled Occupation List.

South Australia

  • 190 visa subclass program is closed to those who have not worked in South Australia for the last 12 months

  • Medical and health professionals are priorities

  • Currently considering applicants who are not working in the State for the 491 visa subclass only

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